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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions on our products. If you have an outstanding question that isn’t answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Question: I am interested in the Regatta Kids snowsuit, my son is 15 months, should I order the 12-18 snowsuit or the 18-24 months?

Answer: These snowsuits are perfect for little ones, especially if they are in and out of the buggy on cold days.  There’s usually plenty of room for growth in the legs and the arms and the elasticated cuffs mean they can be tucked up or pulled down to give you more time.   As they are designed to hug the little one, in some children they can be a bit snug around the tummy  – where babies and toddlers are usually a bit rounded! If your little one is already more than one year old or if you are in any doubt at all, we would say – order the 18-24 months

Question: You sell a few different types of snowsuits, what are the differences between them all?

Answer: We sell the Regatta snowsuit, the Trespass snowsuit, and the Togz snowsuit.  All are waterproof, all are padded, and all are designed to let children stay outside in the cold weather, including snow.  We find a lot of parents buy them for the bitter winds that can be a feature in most of our UK weather, while some tell us the children wear them for ski-ing!

The Regatta and Trespass are similar, with attractive designs which mean most children delight in getting them on for daily wear on the walk to school, for example, or for making snow angels.  There are  some small differences in design, sizing and colour.  Chose what suits your little one best.

The Togz snowsuits are a bit different.  They are extra weather proof, harder wearing and will keep your child drier and warmer for longer.  With sizing to fit up to age 6-7, these are for the more adventurous child, or for those in rural or farm settings, and for schools or nurseries who can afford to make a one-off, long lasing purchase.  These suits are just what you need to ensure a  child stays comfortable, dry and warm, in the worst of weather.

Question: Is your waterproof clothing fully waterproof?

Answer: Yes.  All our waterproof clothing is fully waterproof and will protect children so they can play outside in the rain.  As in all things, there are degrees of waterproofing.  As a general rule, the more expensive the item, the greater the protection from the weather.  So the Togz waterproof jackets, for example, offer greater protection in the heaviest of downpours – for the technically minded, to 1800mls rather than the industry standard of 1200mls – and are ideal for children at forest schools who regularly spend lots of time out of doors in the worst of weather.

Question: Would my little one need to wear a jacket under his snowsuit?

Answer: No.  Normally a warm jumper and trousers or warm tights are all that are needed under any of the snowsuits we sell.Question:

Question: What does it mean when it says Lifetime guarantee for the togz?

Answer: Quite simply, you can expect your garment to last the wear of a first and even a second wearer – as long as it is cared for properly.  If a part of the product – like a fastener – should fail, a replacement part will be issued.  Read the full guarantee on our terms and conditions page (link)

Question: Is your waterproof clothing machine washable?

Answer: Yes.  All of our waterproofs are machine washable and we know that many parents and nurseries machine wash their garments most days .  If you want to preserve the product, hand washing is better and keep detergents to a minimum.

Question: My daughter loves to climb trees and clamber over rocks.  After lots of rough wear, her suit has a tear.  Can it be repaired?

Answer: Yes.  You can use tape, such as McNett Tenacious Tent and Outdoor Sealing Repair tape,to  repair the tear and prevent it from worsening.  It should be attached to the underside of the garment so that the repair is invisible.

Question: I run a nursery/school and am looking for waterproof clothing to cover a large age range of children, what would you recommend?

Answer: We would be pleased to provide you with a quote to suit your specific requirements so would need a few further details from you in order to best advise. Please contact or or use our contact form on our nurseries/schools page.

Question: If I order today, how soon will I receive my item?

Answer: We offer a number of different delivery options. If you chose First Class delivery your order should arrive the very next day.  We do however offer second class postage if you are in less of a hurry and looking for a cheaper postage option. If you want to be certain of receiving your order the next morning, you can choose Special Next Day Delivery (see Terms and Conditions) where Royal Mail guarantee your delivery before 1pm on the next day.  If we find that we are out of stock of an item, or cannot deliver it within the next two days, we will email or text you that day to let you know.

Question: I have received my all in one waterproof and am delighted with it but feel it is a bit too small.  Is there any way I can exchange this for a bigger size?

Answer: Rain-shine wants you to be very happy with your purchase and we will offer an exchange or refund if you are not satisfied.  It is no problem to exchange for a bigger size.  Just send it back to us in its original packaging and we will send a replacement all in one.  See our Delivery or Returns  pages if you need fuller information.

Question: I want to order in bulk.  You mention that you offer bulk discounts, how can I find out more about this?

Answer: Why not contact us direct using our No Obligation Quote form on our nurseries’ page?  All we ask is that you feedback to us to let us know how you felt about the quote.

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