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Best Children’s Waterproof Sets? Children’s Waterproofs Rain-shine

So which are the best children’s waterproof sets for you?

With Rain-shine’s wide choice of children’s waterproof jackets, trousers and dungarees it can be hard to work out what is right for your children.

We understand all too well that visiting each page with each product on it can mean you are lost wondering “now which jacket was it that had studs instead of a zip?” We know this just makes you want to shut down the computer and save this job for another day! So we wondered how we could help make things a bit easier and came up with the comparison table below to help you find the best children’s waterproof sets for you!

This handy table below outlines the features and benefits of all our waterproof sets. It tells you if they are windproof, waterproof, breathable and we have highlighted additional points from our own experience that we think would be useful. It’s great being a small family business who USE the children’s waterproof clothing that we sell – it means that we know just the things you will be looking for too.

Featured in this table are:

Best Children's Waterproof Sets? Children's Waterproofs Rain-shine

We hope that this helps with your choice of waterproof sets for your little ones however if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Megan ( or Laura ( as it would be our pleasure to advise you.

We know ourselves that the easiest way to evaluate whether an item is right for you or not is when you see it on.  Therefore why not visit our youtube channel where you can see our product range in action, modelled by our own enthusiastic children!

Looking for bulk buy of these products?  We offer further discounts off our online price for bulk purchases. Make sure to complete our NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION form on our nursery/schools page for YOUR quote.


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