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Rain-shine is delighted to be the supplier of choice for primary schools, local authority and private nurseries, as well as playgroups and pre-school groups. 

As members of the Forest School Assocation, we support the drive to get children outdoors in all weathers, and are pleased to offer a range of wear to suit all budgets.  We pride ourselves on being an accessible supplier who is easy to deal with and who will prioritise your business.  

We’d be happy to talk through your requirements and the options available to you, and we do offer discounts for bulk orders. An example of one of our some of our packages are below but we can offer any combinations you require.

Why not contact megan@rain-shine.co.uk or laura@rain-shine.co.uk for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION TODAY or simply complete the contact form to the right and we will get back to you.

NEWS - We now offer waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers for STAFF so they too can be protected against the elements.

Testimonials from some of our Nursery/Playgroup/School Customers

Playgroup in Northamptonshire: We have received our all in one suits and are absolutely delighted with them. They are perfect and the children love them. We are waiting for the snow to arrive now so we can enjoy playing outside for longer periods of time. Your delivery of the suits was very quick and efficient, and you have been very helpful throughout our purchase.

Primary School in Cheshire: We have used Rain-Shine for all of our snowsuits from Age 3 to Age 7 and they are perfect for the children to wear when we go to our Forest School. They keep them warm and look fantastic too. All the children can visit our forest school. We don't have to worry that some of the children don't have a suitable coat for a morning or afternoon outside. We would definitely use Rain-shine again and would recommend them to others."

Nursery in Chippenham:

  • Rain-shine were very efficient and helpful
  • The waterproof suits are hard wearing and easy to get on and off
  • Comments from children: "I don't want to take it off" "Can we put the suits on?" Some children can be funny about what they are asked to wear but our children love wearing these and getting wet!
  • "We would definitely use Rain-shine again and would recommend them to others."

Nursery in Bo'ness:"The staff and children love their all in one waterproofs - The children enjoy wearing them as they know they are going to learn in rain, snow ,wind. We would definitely use Rain-shine again and would recommend them to others."

Pre-school Group in London:"The suits allow our children to access outdoor play in all weather conditions and suits are of a high standard. The children get very excited about wearing the all weather Rain-shine suits. Great service, easy ordering process and items dispatched quickly."

Primary School in Hereford: "Very helpful. Prompt service. Phonecalls to check I had received the quote. Staff are very pleased with the waterproof trousers. The children like the fact that they can sit down without getting wet!"

Primary School in Liverpool: "Rain-shine were very helpful. Staff like the suits. The children love wearing them in our mud pits."

Nursery in Lincolnshire: Comments (6 months after purchase);"The suits are still going and being used regularly. In fact recently, they have been used whilst the reception class were involved in roleplaying the story of the naughty bus. The story involves the naughty bus getting all mucky, covered in baked beans, mud etc and eventually going through the car wash.  The children had their suits on whilst they spread all this on the teacher's car and then washed it off like a car wash! They had great fun. They were also used this week on an outdoor learning day where the children explored the outdoor environment. It was a rainy day (typical), so they had them on. The suits protected them in the rain, and whilst they were splashing around in puddles."

Nursery in Edinburgh:

  • Rain-shine were easy to deal with,very good experience
  • Staff love the dungarees commenting that they were easy to put on and take off and were of excellent quality
  • Children are only babies however they enjoy wearing them
  • Would definitely use Rain-shine again and recommend Rain-shine to others.

Nursery in Southport:

  • Rain-shine were easy to deal with, very polite and they gave quick responses to queries.
  • Staff love the waterproofs - they have been really useful for some of our water sessions, good quality.
  • Kids love the waterproofs - as it enables them to get as messy/wet as they like without spoiling clothes

Nursey in Fife:

  • "The staff think the suits are fab, a must have for every nursery"
  • "The children love them as they can get dirty!"

Nursery in West Yorkshire:"The suits are great as the children can play out in all weathers and the children enjoy wearing them!". "Rain-shine were really very easy to deal with and we would recommend them to other parents and nurseries."

Nursery in Fife:"We were able to get the suits we wanted at a price acceptable to parents. Great!"

Playgroup in Stirling: Staff love the all in one waterproofs commenting that "they are very useful, a wonderful idea and will allow us to get outside more often. The children enjoy being able to play in the mud and not get told to get out!". The playgroup leader also added " I have dealt with Laura and her husband on a couple of occasions, both were very helpful. Delivery was very quick and they even came out during the snow knowing i was needing it. Very supportive towards the playgroup. I would definetly recommend Rain-shine to other nurseries and parents and would use them again".

Nursery in Dunfermline: Nursery Manger says "we purchased our waterproofs at the right time with the weather that followed. Staff have found the waterproofs to be very handy and have allowed children to play outside in the rain (a great learning experience) without the worry of children getting wet.Staff comments:

  • ‘’I purchased a snowsuit for my nephew. It is fab, keeps him cosy and came in very handy with recent snow’’.
  • ‘’The waterproof suits are fantastic for our toddlers because we can go outside a lot more’’.
  • ‘’The waterproof suits do exactly what they say they will, they keep the children bone dry’’.
  • ‘’The children are more than happy to put their suits on, they get very excited to go outside’’.
  • ‘’very convenient, can go out in all weathers’’.
  • ‘’easy to put on the children’’.
  • ‘seem durable’’.
Children comments:
  • ‘’good, because they zip all the way up’’
  • ‘’you can get messy with them’’
  • ‘’you stay dry’’
  • ‘’you can jump in puddles with them on’’

To discuss your requirements and to learn more about the discounts available to you, please contact :

Megan (0778 949 2114)

or Laura (0773 646 8147)


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