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Why Choose Rain-shine

So,  you are looking for waterproof clothing for children at your nursery/school/group but are bamboozled by the amount of companies offering seemingly similar items and want to know what best suits YOU and YOUR budget?

We thought we could help clear away some of the confusion by giving you an idea of what we can provide for you and why you should choose Rain-shine.

10 reasons in particular that we believe set us apart from others in the market.

1) Fitting in with YOUR processes

Since 2010 Rain-shine have been providing waterproof clothing to schools/groups/nurseries and we have got smarter at working out what you need. We are aware that different schools have different procedures and pride ourselves in being able to fit in with YOUR processes.

2) Ease of payment

Again we know that you have rules regarding paying suppliers and offer easy payment options to help with this. Please contact megan or laura to find out more regarding this.

3) Trusted supplier on Government Procurement Websites

Unlike other suppliers we are working hard to break down additional barriers to buying from us to make your job a lot more simple. We realise how frustrating it can be to want to buy from us but being put off by the fact that we aren’t on your list. As a result you will find us on a number of Government Procurement websites and we are actively working to get on more.  If this is a challenge for you please call Megan (0778 949 2114) to see if we can help you speed up this process.

4) Tried and tested range

We know from your feedback that you want products that are of good quality at a reasonable price. We therefore provide products that WE believe in and that have been tried and tested by ourselves/our own children and by other nurseries/schools/groups.  You will therefore find that the images on our site are of REAL children doing what REAL children do in their waterproofs – many are our own children and the others are of images sent in by satisfied customers.  Please read our nurseries/schools/groups testimonials or individual customer testimonials to hear what others think.

5) FREE No Obligation Quotation

We realise that with cut backs you often have to fundraise to purchase your waterproofs and that sometimes you are just looking for a quote to see what you need to raise. We have a great little tool to help you with this – our FREE no obligation quotation tool. By completing just a few questions (mostly dropdowns) we can provide you with the best quotation to suit your needs which includes a  BULK DISCOUNT for items over 10.

6) Bulk Discount AND Free Shipping

Yes, you read the last point right….we offer bulk discounts on orders of 10 items or more (be it jackets, all in ones, dungarees etc). We realise you are often constrained by budget and want to make sure you get the most for your money.

We are also delighted to be able to absorb the post and packaging costs for orders of 10 or more and offer FREE shipping by recorded delivery. This is a further saving on all your order – as they say, every little really does help!

7) Send samples

Shopping online can be great but it can also be difficult when you are placing a large order and  want to make sure you get it just right and want to feel the product for yourself.  We therefore offer a sample service where we will provide you with sample. This is on a sale or return basis and if this is of interest please contact megan or laura.

8) FREE Adult Hi-visibility vest

We know that being out and about in a busy place with the children can be tricky – you want them to stay together and stay safe and although you want to give them the freedom to play you also want to make sure that they know where you are if they need you.

We want to help with this and are offering a FREE adult hi-visibility vest with each order of 10 items or more.

9) Offer Advice On Clothing Right For YOUR needs

Often you come across a site like others selling a range of waterproof clothing and you can become confused as to is the best product to suit your needs, your budget.  At Rain-shine we want to make shopping with us an experience and we want to make sure you get the correct product/products to suit YOUR needs.

We therefore offer advice over the phone, via email or via our new interactive quiz to help you decide which of our products would suit you and your children best.

10) Family Award Winning Business

Last but not least we are a family run business. Don’t let this make you think that we are too small to fulfil your requirements or can’t offer the same service as a larger company – on the contrary by nature of our size we are able to offer a more personal service which we believe even the online shopper is entitled to.

We are delighted to have been featured in the press numerous times – see our in the press page for full details, being nominated for numerous awards and having attracted the attention of Theo Paphitis and won his Small Business Sunday Award.  Below is a picture of us (Laura on the left, Megan on the right) meeting Theo at an exclusive winners event in January 2015.

theo paphitis and rain-shine

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